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Back Treatment

Great for those in between back sugaring appointments. Treat your back since you can't reach your own back. Recommended for 2 weeks after back sugaring service. Also, good for those who just need some extra help preventing breakouts in this area. A good deep cleanse and exfoliation with the option to add extractions!


Full Body Scrub

Great for those who have their arms, legs, back, chest, abs and shoulders sugared. Recommended 2 weeks after service to help exfoliate skin in between appointments to help keep skin supple and ready for the next service and to help keep breakouts at bay. Also good for anyone who just needs a good exfoliation to help rejuvenate skin all over the body.


Relaxing Facial

This is a basic facial with no customization other than the option to add extractions. This is best for in between sugaring appointments for those who do regular face sugaring like eyebrows, chin, lip, etc.

Helps to maintain a clean and exfoliated area to help prevent breakouts and help prep skin for your next sugaring appointment.

Also great for those who just want to relax and get a basic facial to help maintain their regular skin care routine.



You read that right. It's a "facial" for your pubic mound area (the upper area above the genitals). This is great for those who get regular, all bare, Brazilains and 'Bro'zilians. This offers a deep cleanse and exfoliation as well as the option to add extractions to help prevent breakouts in between appointments should the need arise. Recommended about 2 weeks after each appointment. This service is offered to current clients only.


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