SugarLove Body Sugaring

What is Body Sugaring?

Body Sugaring is a much gentler, safer, and truly progressive method of hair removal for all parts of the body. It is effective on all skin types and hair textures for both men and women. It is less painful than waxing and can lead to permency as long as visits are regular and the proper home care regime is followed.

Unique Sugaring Product

The sugar paste used is a a cold paste with a blend of all natural organic ingredients such as lemon, honey and sugar with no chemical additives so there is no fear of any harmful side effects. The application of this unique product will also remove dead skin cells leaving the skin soft, silky and healthy.


SugarLove Professional Cold Sugaring Paste is bringing back the original most traditional form of hair removal that was used thousands of years before any other hair removal method existed.

The Founder of SugarLove is Jessica "Jessa" Roberts AKA Jessa Esthetician. After spending almost a decade sugaring and formulating skincare products, she created her own organic sugar paste!  Her cold sugaring technique and rich molasses colored sugar is so unique that; it has the sugaring world buzzing.